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The Nov. 30 deadline for UC and CSU applications is approaching fast! We
encourage all students to avoid waiting until the final hours to submit your
applications.  The College and Career Center remains available for students
to drop-in for support with applications, and we continue to encourage
students to attend our Tue/Thur application workshops in the library
computer lab at 3:30pm.


"additional comments" box in the Academic section.  Students may use this
space as an opportunity to explain things that are not expressed in other
portions of the application.  For instance, students may wish to elaborate
on non a-g courses taken, scheduling conflicts, or courses taken outside of


The UC application also offers an "additional comments" box that follows the
personal statement boxes.  This "optional" space is intended for information
that is not included in other portions of the application. BHS students who
are in Learning Communities that focus on particular academic areas can use
this space to describe your Learning Community, including the area(s) of
focus and the course opportunities that were available to you.  Students
should check with your guidance counselor and/or college advisor for details
on this process.



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