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Berkeley High made the decision to close the BHS Competition pool on Tuesday, September 18, at 3:45 following a City pool inspection which indicated that the chlorine levels had increased since their Friday 9/14 check. In addition, the temperature had dropped to below 74 as a result of a weekend power outage. 

As of 1:30 today, pool temperatures had increased to 79 degrees and both the ph and chlorine levels were moving toward acceptable and safe levels.  Knorr, the company that installed our pool system, will be on site today to test the water and make recommendations regarding how to maintain the chemistry at appropriate levels.  

Before the pool is reopened, the City inspector will return to BHS and retest chemicals.  Immediately following an acceptable report, we will re-open the pool.  Our hope is to open as early as tomorrow or Friday.  While we are looking into another site for the Thursday Waterpolo game versus Piedmont, there is still a chance we may be able to host it at home this week.  

We will continue to communicate directly with our students and to send out reports regarding this important issue.

Kristin Glenchur
Vice-Principal, Berkeley High School
 kristinglenchur at berkeley.net

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