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*New to the bulletin today


Thursday, September 6, 2012




1. If you missed Photo IDs, they will return on September 6th.  TODAY!!!
You must take a make-up photo!  Picture times are 2:30 - 4:30 pm in the EAST
GALLERY of the Community Theater. 


2. Teachers, remember to take your attendance ten minutes after the class
has begun.  Please also remember to take attendance for your proctors.


3. Summer PE waivers are due September 14.  No exceptions!  Please return
them to the attendance office. 


4. Orientation for FALL PE Waivers will be September 14th, in the Little
Theater at 3:45 pm.  All participants must attend.  The YMCA staff will also
be present!


*5. Start your year off right. Get your BHS Organizers for sale at the front
office. $4 each.  All BHS artwork inside, school information like absence
procedures, sports tryouts, college testing dates, holidays,  and more,
along with interesting teacher and alumni facts.


6. PE clothes will be sold before school, afterschool and during lunch at
the Jacket Gym locker rooms. Tee-shirts and shorts $10 each, sweatpants are


*7. All lockers which have been assigned, but are considered unclaimed (due
to lack of a lock), will be redistributed next week.  Students have until
Thursday (TODAY) to put a lock on their legitimately assigned locker!  The
waiting list for locker assignments is managed by Mr. Luu in H104.  See him
at lunch or after school if you need to be placed on the waiting list or if
you have lost your paperwork and need to find out your locker number.  Also
see any safety officer if somebody has placed their lock on a locker that
was assigned to you.  The lock of the offending individual will be removed.




1. Next week is welcome week!  Come support and celebrate school spirit with
your fellow classmates!  Monday we have sign ups for the Freshmen
lunchdates.  Seniors and Juniors, come sign up to take a Freshman out to
lunch on Friday.  Tuesday at lunch, come to the courtyard for games and fun
activities.  Thursday we have club fares and BBQ club.  Enjoy delicious
food, music, and get to know all the clubs on campus.  Friday is our
Freshmen lunchdates, so come out to support each other and kick off the
school year with a fresh and fun start!


2. Yearbook is looking for graphic designers, photographers, writers,
journalists, artists and rock stars.  Come to C327 at 7th period to sign up.
We need you! 


*3. Do you want to fight for human rights?  Come to the first meeting of the
brand new Berkeley High chapter of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Amnesty
International.  We meet every Friday at lunch in C125.


*4. Are you interested in learning about languages and cultures from around
the world?  Come to the first meeting of the BHS Language and Culture
Exchange in C230 at lunch this Friday, September 7th!


*5. All students in Mr. Winer's 7th period Advanced Theater projects,
mandatory meeting, Monday, September 10th at 3:45 pm, to be in the shows -
Show up!


6. Attention Berkeley High!  Are you a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior
interested in repping your class for rally?  Please sign up today at the
Senior steps after school and during lunch to participate in the class




Attention Seniors, if you are interested in attending Grad night you must
pick-up an itinerary from either Willie Scott or Brandi Johnson.  If you are
unaware of who these two people are, they will also be available in the
Leadership Office.  Also, the first payment of $100 is due on September
14th, 2012.




1. Baseball Informational Meeting -- Players of all grades and all levels
please come to Coach Bremer's room H-202A on Thursday September 6th at 3:45
for a short informational meeting.


*2. An informational meeting for Crew will be held on Thursday, September
6th, at 3:45. It will be over by 5. Meet in front of the Donahue Gym. This
is a chance for students to learn more about crew with no commitment to the
team. No need to bring workout clothes to this first meeting.


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