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On Wednesday, September 5, periods 1-6 the administration is holding Welcome Back Assemblies in the Community Theater. Students will attend these assemblies with their  English teachers.  During the assembly the administratin will cover basic expectations, school policies, and hear from current members of our student government. There will also be an opportunity for students to opt out of the JAMRS Database and sign a Military Waiver (see below) .
We will appreciate having parent volunteers to pass out and collect the waivers. If you can help periods 1-3 (8:30 to 11:30)  or periods 4-6 (12:20 to 3:30)  please let Janet Huseby know at janethuseby at berkeley.net.
An explanation of the Military Waiver: By law all public school districts are required to turn over the names and addresses of all juniors and seniors to the military for recruitment purposes unless the student or parent has signed a waiver requesting their names not be turned over.  Students who sign the waiver and turn it in will not receive recruiting information via the school district. 
Several confusing points: 

1. The military also obtains information about potential recruits (high school juniors and seniors) from the College Board.  When a student taking the PSAT checks the box indicating an interest in receiving information from colleges and universities they will also receive information from the military. 

2. JAMRS (Joint Advertising Marketing Research and Studies) is an organization formed by the Pentagon to develop a database of of 16-25 year olds for recruitment purposes.  As with any marketing organization JAMRS collects information from a number of sources.
3. Finally, each branch of the military holds an information session in the College and Career Center as do many colleges and universities. The dates of those sessions are announced in the College and Career Bulletin.

Janet Huseby 

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