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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Janet Huseby jhuseby at pacbell.net


On Wednesday and Thursday, August 1 and 2, we will be collating, labeling
and stuffing the BHS summer mailing. We will run the show from 8:30 to 5 on
Wednesday and 8:30 until we finish on Thursday. You can volunteer for all
day or as little as 15 minutes but whenever you show up, you will be needed
and welcomed. 


The mailing will include instructions for registration which will take place
August 20-23, emergency forms, tips on connecting to BHS, athletic
information, etc. etc.  It is a massive mailing and to put it together we
needs lots and lots of help.  Last year 130 parents, guardians,
grandparents, students, and  visitors (my parents)  stuffed for one and a
half days.  We were able to haul the mailing to the post office by early
afternoon.  So far 15 people have signed on.  Please let me know if you can
help by sending an email to jhuseby at pacbell.net. 


Questions answered:

1.         Freshmen registration is Monday, August 20.  There are three
sessions: 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 1 p.m.  Your child will receive a session
assignment in the mailing  which takes place August 1 and 2. Freshmen will
report directly to the Community Theater for an orientation to be followed
by registration.  

2.         Sophomores come on Tuesday, August 21; Juniors on Wednesday,
August 22; Seniors on Thursday, August 23. There will be a makeup on Friday,
August 24. 

3.         During registration, students will pick up their schedule.
Counselors will be available to help students if there is a problem with the
schedule. Schedule change requests must be submitted during registration

4.         In addition to schedules, students will pick up textbooks, take
their picture ID, drop off forms (which will be send home in mailing), buy
an organizer (required), pick up Free and Reduced Lunch forms, and receive a
locker assignment.  

5.         If your child cannot make registration, an adult with a proxy
letter from a parent or guardian may go through the lines for him/her.  The
student must watch the etree to find out when makeup picture IDs are taken
as IDs are required.  No students may pick up other students' schedules.
Proxies must call missing students to ascertain that the schedule is correct
as schedule change requests must be filed the week of August 20-24.

6.         There will be a language placement test on Tuesday, August 21 at
10 a.m.

7.         At this time I do not know when there will be another math
placement test but one will be scheduled. 

8.         Only one learning community-to my knowledge-sent home a suggested
summer reading list for freshmen: BIHS. If you did not receive it, or you
would like to see the list, it may be accessed at http://berkeleyihs.org/.  


Janet Huseby

Outreach and Volunteers 

Berkeley High School

Jhuseby at pacbell.net 



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