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Please read carefully to understand the following prices and procedures for graduation tickets.  

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012 will take place at the UC Berkeley Greek Theater on Friday, June 15 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm or 8pm at the latest.  

For more information about other senior and graduation-related items beyond tickets please review the "Senior Letter" at this link: http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/student-activities-3/senior-information/


Each senior is allotted two free tickets.  Each senior can then purchase up to five additional tickets at the following prices:
$18 each for bowl/disabled area seating ($8 with evidence of free lunch provided by the student's counselor).
$15 each for lawn seating ($7 with evidence of free lunch provided by the student's counselor).
If a senior desires more than seven tickets she or he must wait until the week of graduation (June 11-15) to buy tickets at the premium price.  A maximum of eight additional tickets can be purchased at this time.  The premium prices are:
$25 each for bowl/disabled area seating ($10 with evidence of free lunch provided by the student's counselor).
$20 each for lawn seating ($9 with evidence of free lunch provided by the student's counselor).
For a visual of the seating area, review the seating chart of the UCB Greek Theater below.

Note: We regret that the prices are as high as they are.  Unfortunately there are few available venues in Berkeley that can accommodate all graduates and their families and total costs of the ceremony at any of these venues requires us to set the ticket prices as they are.


Tickets go on sale, Tuesday, May 29.  They will be sold to seniors who present a valid ID only at lunch or after school in the Registrar's Office.  Students (or parents/guardians) must wait in an orderly and respectful fashion in a line that proceeds towards the cafeteria.  Parents/guardians of seniors can purchase tickets at any time between 9am and 3:50pm.  

The Registrar's Office is Room D173 in the main office.  It is the first door on your right if you enter the school through the main entrance at the Milvia/Allston entrance.  You will be purchasing tickets from the BHS Accounts Manager, Bobby'e Reed.


If someone in your party will need to sit in the disabled seating area because he/she is in a wheelchair or cannot easily walk up several flights of stairs, you should purchase disabled seating area tickets for that person and one attendant.  Unfortunately, the whole party cannot sit in this limited seating area.  

People with disabled seating area tickets are encouraged to arrive early (4:30pm).  There is no disabled parking, but there is a drop-off area in the parking lot on the south side of the theater.  Placards must be shown to temporarily enter this parking lot.  There is also a shuttle that can accommodate disabled people that will regularly leave Berkeley High School starting around 3:30pm.  This shuttle will also run after the ceremony until all guests are taken care of.

Graduates will be seated in the blue areas (pit left, pit right, and sections A-F)
Bowl seating is the red areas (sections 1-10)
The disabled seating area is in between the blue and red sections, including the first few rows of the bowl.  
Lawn seating is above the bowl behind all sections 2-9.

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