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This morning, Tuesday, I checked in the last two proctors of the IB/AP exams at 7:35 a.m. They were the 130th and 131st proctors respectively of the 2012 testing season and they were both early. Very nice.  One hundred and thirty one is a huge number of committed  adults that managed to take time off from work, rearrange their schedules, and commit to long hours of pacing up and down or sitting in small quiet spaces like the Ladies Lounge of the Community Theater.   There were some excitements this year: lots of last minute proctor reshuffling, a week of last minute venue changes due to the Afro-Haitian Dance rehearsals in the Community Theater, and some of the biggest tests we have ever offered.   The last is exciting news: an increasing number of students are rising to the challenge and taking one or more of these college level exams.  And, this year, after eight years of threatening the possibility of an outside auditor showing to check our exams--one came! To my relief we had a sufficient number of proctors.

Our biggest test was AP English Composition at 229 students followed by AP US History at 160 students. In total  1,380 individual AP tests were scheduled and 1,427 IB tests. Now in some cases a handful of  students did not show up and in others students were lined up hoping to find an empty seat and an extra test so the actual numbers may vary slightly.  For many of the tests teachers were there at 7:30  to pass out gold stars and lucky pencils, to cheer and encourage their students who worked hard for this moment.  

Dear and wonderful community. I fear I may be tiresome in my repetition but, the fact is, without your steadfast commitment we could not have offered this huge number of tests.  You make me proud to work at Berkeley High – a school whose parents and teachers come through for their students.  
Thank you very much. 

Janet Huseby
Outreach and Volunteers
Berkeley High School
jhuseby at pacbell.net

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