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Below is the AP/IB proctor schedule for the week of May 14.  A few quick
reminders: If you decide to drive, please find a place that has more than
two hours. Morning proctors report straight to the venue where I or Fern
Royce will meet you with sign in sheets and proctor badges; afternoon
proctors (11:30 or 11:45 a.m.) should report to the Front Desk.  Bring a
sweater and something to read just in case. AP proctors should count on
being at school until at least noon. IB proctors get out slightly earlier.
Again, thank you one and all.  We could not pull off the amazing number of
tests without our community support. - Janet


1.Monday, May 14:      morning 7:30 a.m., AP Biology, Jacket Gym

                                                Jim Clara

                                                Donna Storey  

                                                Eve Hershcopf

                                                John Losito

                                    morning IB History HL 7:45 a.m. Donahue

                                                Katherine Bond

                                                Melanie Curry

                                                Stephanie McKown

                                                Yatiel Owens

                                                Irene Sullenberger

                                                Betsy Wahl


                                    afternoon 11:45 a.m. AP Physics Report
to Front Desk

                                                Sandy Grayson

                                                Cynthia Dorfman

                                    Afternoon 11:45 a.m. IB Mandarin Report
to Front Desk

                                                Wendy Brown

                                    afternoon, 11: 30 a.m. AP Bio ET 11:30
a.m. Report to Front Desk

                                                Jill McGregor 

2.Tuesday, May 15:     morning, 7:30 a.m.  AP US Government Donahue Gym

                                                Bobbie Rose

                                                Hilary Hoynes

                                                Teal Major

                                                Barbara Gibson

                                    afternoon, 11;45 a.m. AP French Lang
Report to Front Desk

                                                Susie Zukor

                                    afternoon , 11:45 a.m. IB Economics SL
Report to Front Desk

                                                Cliff Stevens 

                                                Sandy Grayson

                                                Claire Sherman

Karen Laws

                                    afternoon  11:45 a.m. IB Latin HL (1
proctor) Report to Front Desk

                                                Jane Angeles

                                    Afternoon , 11:30 a.m. AP Gove. ET
Report to Front Desk

                                                Rosa Luevano

3.Wed, May 16:           morning, 7:30 a.m.  AP English Lang. and Comp
Donahue Gym

                                                Jennifer Bates


                                                Rebecca Herman

                                                Shoshana Gizzi

                                                Karah Kunlap-Chavery

                                                Jean Sanchirico

                                                Dana Zed


                                    Morning, 7:45 a.m.  IB Economics SL East
Gallery CT

                                                Katherine Bond

                                                Anders Stenstedt

                                                Chis Spaulding

Wendy Diamond

                                    morning IB Latin HL 7:45 a.m. West
Gallery CT

                                                Lisa Sibony

                                    afternoon AP Statistics 11:45 a.m.
Report to Front Desk

                                                Kathy Burns

Bonnie Roditti

                                                Joyce Selkow

                                    Afternoon AP English ET, 11:30 a.m.
Report to Front Desk



4.Thursday, May 17:   morning AP Macroeconomics 7: 30 a.m. Donahue Gym

                                                David Walton

                                                Donna Storey

                                                Gretchen Brandt

                                                Heimo Staud

                                                Carrie Mason

                                    morning AP World History 7:30 a.m. West
Gallery CT

                                                Lori Simpson

                                    morning IB Spanish HL and SL 7:45 a.m.
East Gallery CT

                                                Susana Johnson

                                                Kaki Longan

                                    afternoon IB Biology SL 11:45 a.m.
Report to Front Desk

                                                Christine Johnston

                                                Dwight Wilson

                                    afternoon ET Economics, 11:30 a.m.
Report to Front Desk

                                                Claire Lavery

5.Friday, May 18:         morning AP Spanish Lit , 7:30 a.m. East Gallery CT

                                                Daniel Smith

                                                Margit Roos-Collins

                                    morning IB Biology SL 7:45 a.m. West
Gallery CT

                                                Leia Ambra

                                                Sara Sato or Josh Kornbluth

                                    Afternoon AP Spanish Lit ET,  11:30 a.m.
Report to Front Des

                                                Christine Johnston

6. Tuesday, May 22:    morning IB French HL and SL 7:45 a.m. West Gallery CT

                                                William McCoy

                                                Barbara Gibson



Janet Huseby

Outreach and Volunteers 

Berkeley High School

Jhuseby at pacbell.net 



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