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There are over 130 positions available on the BHS Student Leadership Team
for students of any background or interest.  We need artists, techies,
go-getters, performers, organizers, bilingual speakers, shy or outgoing  -
any type of student!  Many student leaders go on to top colleges and more
importantly through the program find their true potential to "be the change
they want to see in the world."  Joining the student leadership team is a
great way to:


- improve the BHS community

- expand on one's social network of positive and healthy friends

- challenge oneself to personally develop as a strong and empowered person

- boost one's college resume

- gain elective credit and community service hours

- develop relationships with administrators and other school officials


Applications are currently available in the Leadership Office (D148) and
have the following deadlines.  Most of the jobs are by interview.  Only the
starred positions are by vote of the student body.  The (>) symbol indicates
a speech must be given.



ASB President*>, Vice President*>, Chief of Service*>, Chief of Social
Activities*>: April 13

All other chief, commission, managerial or special positions (see below for
the exciting list of jobs!): May 11



School Board Representative*>, School Site Council Representative* (6), BSEP
Representative* (5): April 13

Representatives of AC (5), AHA (2), AMPS (2), BIHS (5), CAS (2), GRN (2),
ISP (2), Newcomer Program (2): May 11



Class President*>, Vice President*>: April 13

Class Treasurer, Secretary, Deputy: May 11



CHIEF OF . . .

Clubs and Organizations


Fundraising (Treasurer)

Staff (Secretary)



The Arts

Health & Athletics

Environmental Sustainability 


Multicultural Affairs 


Student Rights and Equity


ALSO . . .

Alumni and Staff Relations Manager

Internal Operations Manager

Community and Guest Relations Manager

Events and Sales Manager

Lead Artist and Designer

Resident DJ

Hype MC



Something missing or that you are passionate about?  Propose your own



Thanks for your interest,

The 2011-2012 BHS Leadership Team



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