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Below are two events sponsored by the non-profit YMCA-PG&E Teen Center.


For those of you not taking the real SAT test on Saturday, here is your
opportunity to take a free practice test that doesn't go on your college


Mock SAT Test

Saturday, March 10


Registration: http://hlpmocksat.eventbrite.com 

Practice makes perfect, and that certainly applies to studying for the SAT's
or ACT's.  Come take a free practice SAT test in a real testing environment.
The experience of taking the test itself is a huge part of preparing for the
real test.  Plus, the result will give you a good indicator of how much
studying you will need to get the score you want for the college you wish to


Presented by:  

People's Test Preparation Service

The People's Test Preparation Service (PTPS) was founded in 1995 at the
University of California, Berkeley and is a non-profit, student-run
organization dedicated to providing standardized test taking skills to urban
communities. The organization strives to provide free test prep services to
high school students in need of help.



Study Skills Development Series: Learning Styles, Habits of Successful
Students, and Note-Taking

Tuesdays, March 13-27


Being a student requires more than just doing your homework every night.
Why read a book on how to improve your study habits when you can join a
workshop to learn and interact with other people?  This first series of the
Study Skills Seminars will cover different techniques and systems to add to
your options in becoming a well-rounded student.  Figure out what works best
for you to achieve academic success.


Each seminar will have a cost of $10 per family, with financial assistance
available.  No families will be turned away.  Additionally, families can
purchase the series of three seminars for $25.  Contact Audi Huang at 510
542 2124 or at ahuang at ymca-cba.org for more information, financial
assistance inquiries, and to register for the Study Skills Development


Presented by:  

Classroom Matters

Classroom Matters is a Berkeley-based tutoring center that provides
customized programs for East Bay Students in grades K through 12 to help
them excel in school, strengthen their ability to promote their own
learning, and discover educational opportunities outside the classroom.  


To register for either event, please go to each event's link or visit
http://hlprograms.eventbrite.com to sign up online or send a RSVP by
calling/emailing Audi Huang at 510-542-2124 or ahuang at ymca-cba.org. Space is
limited, so register early!




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