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Please do not reply to this email, contact Jessie Luxford at
<mailto:jessieluxford at berkeley.net> jessieluxford at berkeley.net


Dear Parent Community,


Jessie Luxford, AC's Academic Support Coordinator, needs our help. Jessie
works with kids identified as "at risk" to help them develop study skills,
learn how to learn, and pull up their grades. Teachers report very positive
results when Jessie gets involved.  She needs help with academic tutoring
for her students in English, math, and other subjects.  


If you are a parent of any student at Berkeley High, you can volunteer


If you do not have a student at BHS, you must first attend the orientation
class at Berkeley Volunteer Services (information below). If you have been
trained for Writer Coach tutoring, this is different and we'd prefer that
you fulfill your Writer Coach role. Or you can do both!


Jessie needs tutors during fifth period and after school at BHS in Room

Fifth period runs on Monday from 1:58-2:41 PM and Tuesday-Friday from
1:28-2:26 PM.  

After school Monday-Friday tutoring is from 3:30-4:45 PM. 

Any day would be great. The target group are 9th and 10th graders. 


The students Jessie supports are in basic classes, so advanced knowledge is
not needed, even for math. Students benefit from having an adult present,
sitting with them, encouraging and helping them stay focused. 


If you can help with tutoring, please let Jessie Luxford know what day
you'll come:   <file:///C:\DOCUME~1\Mary\LOCALS~1\Temp\tel:510-289-4107>


If you have questions, you can also contact Mary Engle at 510-290-6567 or
Jessie Luxford directly.


Let's help these great kids learn the study skills they need to succeed.

Thank you!  



Berkeley School Volunteer orientation classes

(If you do not have a student at BHS)

Thursday, February 23 from 4 - 5pm

Tuesday, February 28 from 11am - 12noon

Tuesday, March 6 from 11am - 12noon

Wednesday, March 14 from 2 - 3pm

Thursday, March 22 from 3 - 4pm


No need to sign up in advance. Simply come to 1835 Allston Way for the
orientation class.




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