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Dear BHS Men's Lacrosse Team Parents & Volunteers, 



PLEASE RSVP for the 1st BHS Mens Team Booster Club 
Meeting at 7pm on Monday, January 30th! 

FIVE RESTAURANT in downtown Berkeley at the Shattuck Hotel 

2086 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA


It will be easy for Head Coach, Chris May to get to the meeting after

We need your help this year! 
An active core volunteer group is absolutely necessary for the success and
life of the team!

We are hosting our first meeting of the season to organize Registration
night,Tuesday, Feb 14th, to be held at Berkeley's,

YMCA Teen Center - Center & MLK Way!

We  will keep the meeting to 1 hour although this first meeting 
may run longer as it is the first of the season. If you would
like to add anything to the agenda, email us
<http://bhslaxemail@gmail.com/> bhslaxemail at gmail.com

We will discuss the team budget needs and how best to
launch volunteer recruitment for the season.  

Please see the enclosed agenda for the meeting as well
as the minutes from the previous meeting with our new Head Coach,
Chris May, in beginning of January.

Welcome to our New Head Coach, Chris May! WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!
1) Registration Night Duties & Assignments - 20 min
2) Fundraising Volunteers - 10 min
3) Recruitment started for Volunteer Leadership - 5 min
4) Budget Review for 2012 - 5 min
5) Head Coach, Chris May Update -15 min
6) Agenda for Next Meeting - 5 min
7) Wrap-up - 5 min

1) Welcome our New Head Coach Chris May.

2) Season Timeline discussed; dates confirmed for Reg Night Feb. 14th,
Bebe to book BHS cafeteria for meeting if available--need microphone this
year - Patty
will look into it. Team Banquet date set for Saturday, June 3rd,
Mac to reserve room at Tennis Club again, Team Booster Club Meetings will be
once a month on Monday evenings, set as starting January 30th, February 27, 
March 27th, April 23th, May 21st and June 11th at 7pm. Chris will arrive 
a bit late at 7:15pm.

3) Pinnies & Shorts Needed for team this year. Patty Coluse will order
pinnnies to replace the old ones and Henry Thomsett will work with
Chris to determine what shorts to order as the ones we have are no
longer available, pricing and ordering. Bebe  will order for the season.

4) Team Equipment Needs; 4-6 cases of lacrosse balls, a few white gallon
buckets to store/move balls on the field - BB to order, nets thickest mil -
Chris will find
out from Gaebler if they can provide, Portable Rage Cages for Derby field-
BB to price, a ladder from sports
authority, 16 cones, rebounder, Bow nets (CHRIS please add anything I

5)  Spiritwear - Patty to design t-shirt/hoodies (white with black and 

red print, black shirt with yellow & red print)
Patty and Henry correct.   We decided to order t-shirts and hoodies.

6) Order BHS Boathouse type Lacrosse Jackets for the Coaches. Patty 
and Bebe to investigate.

7) Sponsorship and Fundraising - Pancake Breakfast Idea discussed to help
bring the team
together and fundraise for supplies. Contact Berkeley Athletic Fund for
Support - Bebe.
Easton, ClifBar etc for sponsorship - Chris & Bebe.


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