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Dear Berkeley High Parents and Community Members,


On January 27 I, Brianna Hedemann, ASB Commissioner of Staff Relations, and
fellow student leadership members are organizing an appreciation reception
for the BHS Staff.  It has been a very great semester and I believe all
staff members need to be acknowledged for the outstanding job they do.  As
well this is an attempt to help staff be more connected with each other.  We
firmly believe that teachers that are appreciated and connected to the
community are better teachers!  


We are seeking donations of time, food, or money to help us put on this
special event.  If you can make a donation please contact Mr. Young,
Director of Student Activities today.  We need all types of foods and drinks
to make for a potluck style dinner.  We need money to help us buy additional
food or decorations.  We need parent volunteers to help set up the event,
serve drinks, and maintain the food and service areas.  How to make each
type of donation is listed below.


Our event will be held at Northbrae Community Church's Haver Hall at 941 The
Alameda in Berkeley.  We have reserved the facility from 12pm-7pm.  The
event will run from 2pm to 6pm and feature a BHS Jazz ensemble, a
student-produced slideshow/video, special appreciation presentations and
many other special moments.  If you can volunteer to be there you are in for
a treat!  



Let Mr. Young (chrisyoung at berkeley.net) know what you will bring and an
estimate on how many it will serve.  As of this final week before the event
we are currently seeking beer and wine donations, hearty dishes of
vegetables, meats other than chicken, appetizers and various types of salads
and other drinks.  If you need to reheat or prepare anything at the site
that is possible.  We have full use of their kitchen.  Please bring your
donation along with a serving utensil to 941 The Alameda between 1:30pm and
3:30pm.  Staff will start trickling in around 2pm with an expected peak
around 3:30-4:00pm. 



Please write a check to "BHS Student Activities" with "Staff Appreciation"
in the memo line.  Checks or cash can be hand-delivered to the Leadership
Office or the front desk, or they can be mailed to:

Chris Young

1980 Allston Way

Berkeley, CA  94704



Let us know if you can work the setup, service, or cleanup shift(s).  A
limited number of students are also welcome to volunteer.  Shift times:

Setup: 12pm-2pm

Service: 2pm-5pm

Cleanup: 5pm-7pm



Thank you so much for your support!

Brianna Hedemann, on behalf of student leadership and the entire Associated
Student Body 



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