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Berkeley High School Safety Committee Agenda


January 24, 2012

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Building H Room 104 

On Campus Intervention Office



Call to Order and Establish Quorum (1 minute)


Approval of Agenda (1 minute)


Public Comment (10 minutes)


Approval of Minutes from 12/12 and 1/10 (3 minutes)


Review status of Action Items (5 minutes)


Dean's and Safety Officer's Reports (10 minutes: 5 for reports and 5 for
questions; Ardarius McDonald and Billy Keys)


Vice-Chair Election (5 minutes)


Discuss proposed bylaws change to time period covered by Goals  (10 minutes;
Margit Roos-Collins)


Reports on Goals: status of strategies and proposed revisions for 2012-2013
(35 minutes)


Goal 9 (Enid Camps and Crime/Incident subcommittee)

Goal 8 ( Ardarius McDonald and Billy Keys)

Goal 5 (Disaster preparedness subcommittee)


Assign reports on Goals for next meeting and plan agenda (10 minutes)





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