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BHS Small School Community Partnership Academy Announces Name Change

Berkeley CA - Berkeley High School is pleased to announce the creation the Academy of Medicine and Public Service (AMPS). Formerly Community Partnerships Academy (CPA) (one of BHS’s small learning communities). The new name reflects a major revision of course offerings and academic focus. The AMPS includes two pathways to college and career success, one in Health and one in Public Service.  This academy will be open for all grade levels starting in fall, 2012.

The revised course offerings include a renewed focus on science. Science is offered all four years in the following sequence: Forensic Science, Chemistry, Biological Health Science, and either an AP science elective, ROP Sports Medicine or Emergency Medical Careers.  The Public Service pathway also has a new elective offering, Psychology/Sociology.

“We are extremely pleased with the evolution and new direction of one of our schools and the new pathways that the Academy of Medicine and Public Service (AMPS) will provide” said Principal Pasquale Scuderi. “With multiple analysts projecting the most notable job growth to be in health care fields over the next decade, we believe that our efforts will yield a curriculum that is relevant and applicable to the world our students will enter into upon graduation”.

The Academy of Medicine and Public Service will carry forward the CPA reputation for strong internship programs, embedded support for the college process, caring and committed teachers, integrated core classes, and inclusion of AP and honors content, classes and support.

Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer
Berkeley Unified School District
510-644-6320 Cell: 510-472-3811

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