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BHS Site Construction Committee:  

.           We've already received applications from members of the
community, parents, athletics, teachers, and students.  If you are
interested in participating on the committee contact Richard Ng at
Richardng at berkeley.net by November 10th.

.           The first meeting will be called in late November.

.           The objectives of the Site Construction Committee are to provide
parents, faculty, staff, and community members with accurate, up-to-date
information from the BUSD, and its design and construction consultants and
to provide central administration with information and input from parents,
faculty, staff, and community members who are interested in the BHS
construction projects

A special meeting of the District Construction Committee met at Berkeley
High School last week. This group meets monthly, usually at 1720 Oregon
Street.  The architect presented the entire South of Bancroft plan and there
was a walk-through of the stadium. Several interested Berkeley High parents
attended this meeting.


Weight Room for After-School Athletic Use

.           A weight room is operational for BHS Athletic use at the
teen-center located at MLK and Center.  Hours of operation are 5-8 Monday
through Thursday and 5-6:30 on Friday.  Consistent with previous practice
and to ensure student safety, athletes must be accompanied by their
coach/es. BHS athletic teams who wish to use the facility should contact
Bill Gaebler, Athletic Director at williamgaebler at berkeley.net.


Winter Athletic practices begin 11/7/2011:  Actual practices times and
locations to be announced through Athletic Department via e-tree by Friday,
November 4.

.           Basketball practices will utilize the Donahue Gym and Jacket

.           Wrestling practice locations will be announced via the Athletic
Department by Friday.


South of Bancroft Construction Report:  

.           Phase I - The District is meeting with the contractor to see if
he can complete the project.  In the past few weeks, he has increased the
size of his crew.  The project is expected to be completed by the opening of
next school year. 

.           Phase II includes the demolition of the Old Gym, demolition of
the old home bleachers and addition of smaller visitors bleachers on the
west side, building of the new classroom/gyms building, landscape
improvements throughout the South of Bancroft project, a new athletic
scoreboard, and other site improvements. 

o          It has been submitted to the Division of State Architect (DSA).
DSA is the entity which permits public school construction. The architect is
working to get the plans approved by DSA and DSA approval is needed before
bidding to select a contractor for demolition and building can take place.  



Derby Field Project 

.           The project will relocate a portion of Derby Street to provide a
space for the baseball team. The architect completed preliminary
construction documents last week and the District is reviewing those

.           The project is on a very tight timeline but is still scheduled
for completion in February 2013.


Berkeley Community Theatre

.           The spirit rally took place last Friday 10/28, as planned, with
over 2800 students participating, in a safe and fun event.

.           The contract is scheduled to be complete by the end of the
month.  The District will likely hire a follow-on contractor to make a few
additional modifications.  



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