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Dear Families of BHS Seniors,

We are just about one month away from the beautiful graduation ceremony that
takes place at the picturesque and historic Greek Theater.  Limited seating
capacity and the costs for the event dictate our ticket policy and pricing.
Tickets will go on sale June 1. 

Please read carefully to understand this policy, types of seating, pricing,
and purchase procedure as it is notably different than in recent previous

1. Each graduate can pick up two free tickets.  
2. Each graduate can purchase up to five additional tickets until June 10.  
3. Tickets beyond the seven maximum (2 free + 5 purchased) cannot be
purchased until the final week of sales at a premium price.  Up to five
additional tickets can be purchased during the final week at the premium
price (for a total of 12 tickets maximum per graduate).
4. Tickets can only be purchased with cash or money order made out to
"Berkeley High School".

TYPES OF SEATING (See attached seating chart for a visual.)
There are three types of seating:
A. Lawn - These seats are on the lawn that is on the outside perimeter of
the theater bowl.  A blanket to sit on is suggested.
2. Bowl - These seats are the majority of the seats in the theater.  They
are organized in several rows of benches without backs below the lawn
seating area and above the orchestra pit where graduates will be seated.
3. Disabled - Limited seating (500 seats) are available for disabled guests
and their caretakers (one caretaker per disabled guest).  Tickets for
disabled guests and their caretakers can only be purchased if the Director
of Student Activities, Chris Young ( <mailto:cyoung at berkeleyhigh.us>
cyoung at berkeleyhigh.us or 510.644.8990) is notified beforehand.  

Seating Chart: 

There are different prices for each type of seating, and reduced prices for
students who were on free or reduced lunch starting no later than May 1.
The standard ticket price is listed followed by the reduced price:
Lawn - $15 / $5
Bowl - $18 / $6
Disabled - $15 / $5

Premium tickets, which are tickets purchased in the week preceding
graduation (June 13-16) beyond the five available to each student have the
following prices:
Lawn - $20 / $7
Bowl - $25 / $8

Please understand we do not like to charge our graduate families so much for
tickets to be a part of this special day.  However, it is a necessary
tradeoff to be able to pay for a large enough venue and staffing to
accommodate the tremendous number of attendees.  No currently available BUSD
facility is large enough, ADA compliant and can safely accommodate 8,000

Reminder: Tickets can only be purchased with cash or money order made out to
"Berkeley High School."

Tickets can be purchased beginning June 1 by graduating seniors or parents
of graduates from 2:30pm-4:30pm in the athletic ticket office, which is just
west of the Donahue Gym entrance on the BHS campus where Bancroft Street
meets Milvia Street.  To keep lines at a minimum, there will be 3-4 windows
each serving an alphabetical portion of graduates by last name.  Tickets are
given on the spot in exchange for payment.  


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