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 SAT WORD OF THE DAY:  Pervasive - widespread; extremely common




1. Parents of Seniors.  Don't forget to take a moment to fill out the survey
on the Senior Handbook.   <http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SRF88KP>


*2. Friday, May 13 - Last day for seniors to turn in their Senior Awards
Ceremony Form (which they will receive in their English classes) in the
College Center.  Please remind your students of the honors and scholarships
they have received during their high school years and encourage them to fill
out the form and attend the ceremony. It is a wonderful way for students to
get the acknowledgement they deserve and to celebrate their accomplishments
as a community.


*3. Friday, May 20 - Last day to turn in the Exit Report Form (which they
will receive in their English classes at the beginning of May) in the
College Career Center. The information we gather in these reports is very
important so that we can have accurate data concerning the future plans of
all seniors and assess how Berkeley High is doing in college admissions.  No
information about an individual student will be shared without the student's


*4. Thursday, June 2 - Senior Awards Ceremony at 7 p.m. in the Community


*5. Wednesday, June 1 - Last day for student to turn in a Transcript Request
Form to Ms. Mellion in D173 so that we can send an official transcript to
the school they will be attending in the fall.  Write "FINAL TRANSCRIPT" in
capital letters across the top of the form and paper-clip it to a stamped
business-size envelope addressed to the college, with Berkeley High School
(1980 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704) as the return address.  If your
student is under 18, a parent signature is required.  All colleges require
that students send them a final transcript confirming their senior-year


*6. COMMUNITY COLLEGE REGISTRATION DAYS -  Monday, 5/16 - Monday, 5/19
during periods 1-3 in the College Career Center.  Seniors who are planning
on attending a community college in the fall and haven't registered yet can
come to the College Career Center to get help with the registration process.
Students have to get permission from their teachers first.


*7. STUDENTS PLANNING TO ATTEND A UC CAMPUS - If you are planning to attend
a UC campus and have not met the Entry Level Writing Requirement by April 1,
2011, you must take the UC Analytical Writing Placement Examination. The
exam will be administered the morning of May 14, 2011, at testing centers
throughout the state. You are exempt if you meet one of the following
criteria:  30 or better on the ACT Combined English/Writing test; or 680 or
better on the SAT-II Writing Test; or 680 or better on the SAT Reasoning
Test, Writing section; or 3, 4 or 5 on either Advanced Placement (AP)
Examination in English; or 5 or above on an International Baccalaureate High
Level English A exam; 6 or above on an International Baccalaureate Standard
Level English A exam or completing with a C or better an acceptable college
course in English composition (for example, English 1A at a community




1. Junior college advising appointments available!  Sign up for junior
advising appointment in the college center, D221.


2. Free SAT Prep Class:  People's Test Prep (PTPS) will conduct a free
SAT/ACT prep class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30 -5:30pm beginning Feb.
7 in room D220 for Berkeley High School juniors only.


3. Nordstrom's Scholarship - open to juniors who have a minimum cumulative
unweighted GPA of 2.7;  have made a substantial contribution to the
community; are involved in school activities; planning on applying for
financial aid  to attend college and will be eligible to attend a four-year
college or university in the U.S.  Deadline:  May 16.  Award:  $10,000
scholarship paid over four years at $2,500 per year.  Applications available
at  http://www.act.org/nordstrom/ 


4. ATHLETES - Juniors who want to play Division I or Division II sports in
college need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at
www.eligibilitycenter.org <http://www.eligibilitycenter.org/> . They also
need to instruct College Board or ACT to send their SAT or ACT scores to the
NCAA Eligibility Center.  Finally, they will need to turn in a Transcript
Request Form to our registrar, Barbara Mellion (D173).  Mark "FINAL JUNIOR
TRANSCRIPT" across the top of the form and paperclip the request to a
stamped business size envelope addressed to the NCAA Eligibility Center.
You must use Berkeley High School (1980 Allston Way, Berkeley 94704) as the
return address on the envelope or the Eligibility Center will not accept
them.  If you have any questions about how to complete any of these tasks,
see your College Advisor/ Athletic Coach. 


5. DARTMOUTH BOUND VISITATION PROGRAM: This program is for first-generation
college-bound students, or those facing financial barriers to their pursuit
of a college degree, or students from populations that have historically
been under-represented in higher education. Students are selected on the
basis of their academic achievement, personal character, and potential for
college success.  The Dartmouth Bound programs are designed to provide
opportunities for students to visit the campus, gain exposure to academic
life and opportunities in an Ivy League setting, and learn about the
admissions and financial aid process. For more information and to apply go
to:  www.dartmouth.edu/admissions/bound  The application deadline for the
summer program is Thursday, May 19.  Applications to the fall session, which
has a special focus on the Native American community at Dartmouth, are due
by August 15, but application materials can be submitted starting May 19.




1. EXPLORING COLLEGE OPTIONS - Student/Parent Information Sessions on Duke,
Georgetown, Harvard, Penn and Stanford.  Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 pm, Berkeley
High School.  RSVP at www.exploringcollegeoptions.org


2. Emory University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and
the University of Virginia invite students and parents to join them on
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 7p.m., for an admission and financial aid session
at the Marriot San Mateo/San Francisco Airport Hotel, Convene Meeting Room,
1770 South Amphlett Boulevard, San Mateo, California 94402. Please rsvp at:




1. Test Preparation Resource: The Berkeley Public Library has Learn a Test
database, which provides free access to SAT practice tests and AP practice
exams.  Students can take the tests and get them scored online.  The
resource can be accessed by going to:


2. Free SAT/ACT Preparation Service: Berkeley High students now have access
to a free online test preparation service. Students can access this service
by logging in to www.berkeleyhigh.us <http://www.berkeleyhigh.us/>  and then
click "More" from the top navigation and select "Grockit".  They will then
be directed through a few registration steps and into the site. Logins to
www.berkeleyhigh.us <http://www.berkeleyhigh.us/>  are as follows:


     username: full name (first + last)


     password: Berkeley + student id




For a more extensive list of scholarships go to the BHS website or moodle or
come to the College Center and pick up a hard copy!


1. Youth Automobile Safety Scholarship: Open to seniors who are accepted to
an accredited two-or four-year college or university, or trade school, in
the United States with intent to enroll as a full-time freshman by the Fall
2011 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  The applicant's parent or legal
guardian must be currently employed full-time by - or if retired or
deceased, must have been employed full-time by - a government entity. This
includes, but is not limited to peace officers, firefighters, educators,
postal worker, military personnel and federal, state and local government
workers. One $1500, one $1000 and three $500 scholarship will be awarded in
Northern California. Applications are available in the College Career
Center.  Deadline: May 13, 2011.


2. Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin Scholarship: Open to seniors who
have a parent/legal guardian who is currently serving in or has been
honorably discharged from the Armed Forces. For more information and an
application go to http://vvgsq.tripod.com/  Applications are also available
in the College Career Center.  Application deadline: May 14, 2011.


*3. UNIVISION EXITO ESCOLAR SCHOLARSHIP - Open to current Latino seniors who
reside in Alameda, Contra Costa, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, San
Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano or Sonoma County. Essays in
English and Spanish are required.  Scholarship amounts vary from $500 to
Applications available in D221 or at

Applications must be received at the Univision office by 5:00 pm on May 27. 


OTHER SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  The Berkeley Public Library has acquired a
new database of scholarships.  Anyone who has a Berkeley Public Library card
can go to
Tuition Funding Sources is listed in the Grants & Scholarships section. The
database is also available from the online catalogs inside the public
library locations, regardless of whether users have cards.


For a more extensive list of scholarships go to the BHS website, moodle or
come to the College Center and pick up a hard copy!




 A complete list of summer opportunities can be picked up in the College
Center D221.


1. Student Conservation Association National Conservation Crew: Summer
opportunity for students currently in high school, ages 15 to 19, and
looking for tuition-free opportunities to serve planet earth. Successful
applicants will contribute to sustaining the earth's bountiful resources for
two-five weeks during the summer. With a group of 6-8 students and two
experienced leaders students will sleep under the stars and connect to the
land in ways they never thought possible. For more information go to


2. Oxbridge Academic Programs: Experience the learning environment in
Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, Barcelona and Montpellier, France. They offer 65
different courses to choose from. For information, please visit
www.oxbridgeprograms.com <http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/> . 


3. UCLA World Music Summer Institute - This week-long intensive music study
program (June 26-July 2) is available in one of four areas: Chinese,
Mexican, Korean and African-American.  The program is open to
students/musicians ages high school through adult.  Supervised housing is
available for high school students.  For more information, go to


4. Volunteer Center of the East Bay

Visit http://www.volunteersolutions.org/vccc/volunteer/ for opportunities to
help your community in a wide variety of fields and interests.


*5. Don't know what to do in the summer?  Go to
<http://enrichmentalley.com/> http://enrichmentalley.com/ to find and
research different summer programs.

A complete list of summer opportunities can be picked up in the College
Center D221




 Want to work on the College Application Handbook?  Any parent, guardian or
friend who is interested in working on the college application handbook
series, please contact druyffelaere at gmail.com. Working on the handbook
series is a great way to keep up on the ever changing world of college
applications, and to participate in working on this series which will be in
its 12th year.



 *New or updated information



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