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Thursday, December 9, 2010


*New or updated information




1.  So far we have collected 800 pounds of food for the canned food drive!
This is 24% of our goal of 3400 pounds or one pound for every student!
Great job so far, lets ramp up the effort. Holiday Meal is December 11 and 1
in 6 Alameda County residents use the food bank.  Donate tomorrow - bins are
in C-building gallery, G-H breezeway, and D Building. 


2. BART tickets are here!  Please pick up your tickets in room D224.


3. Lost and Found: If you have anything lost, please go to the Parent
Resource Center by the library.  If you don't pick up the items, they will
be donated at the Holiday meal to those families in need.  


4. The School Safety Committee is seeking individuals to work on creating a
Safe School Plan for BHS.  The Safety Committee is a sub-committee of the
School Site Council and is charged with creating the School Safety Plan.  If
you are interested in helping create a safer BHS then the Safety Committee
is for you!  For more information come by the On Campus Intervention Center
- H104 and see Mr. McDonald.




1. Cooking club, December 9 after school in H106.  Come bake some pies and
prepare some stuffing for the Holiday Meal.  Also, some goodies for our bake
sale.  Come share some love with your time!


2. Did you know that over half of teens are bullied online?  Would you like
to know more about the implications about being on social networking
websites such as Facebook?  Come to C230 at lunch on Thursday, December 9 to
learn more about the implications of having a Facebook account and counter
some of the problems that teenagers face on these websites.




*1. ABC final photo date December 14th, if you want your senior portrait in
the yearbook.


2. Buy your senior page before break and get $25 off.  Pages start at $225
for a full page and $380 for a two page spread.  Come to H102B during 7th
period for details.  Discounts apply until Dec. 17, 2010.  Yearbooks are
still for sale at myyear.com but they are going fast.




1. What at Berkeley High has more than 100 heads, 540 legs, 470 feet, 400
strings, rows of horns, and loves music?  Come see Berkeley High's fabulous
Orchestra and Band and find out!  


Led by Karen Wells, over 120 talented BHS students will perform at the
Community Theatre on Thursday, December 9th, at 7:00pm.  You'll hear the
music of Beethoven, Saint-Saens, DeFalla, Vaughn Williams, and others,
including a world premiere by local composer Michael Senturia.


Support and enjoy the tradition of great music at Berkeley High. Bring the
whole family, friends, young musicians, even a neighbor for a special
evening. The concert is FREE, and open to the community. Yummy snacks will
be available for sale. 


2. Come to this year's fall play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, on December
10,11,17, and 18th at 7pm, and the 12th at 2pm.  It's $12 general admission,
$6 for students and sure to be an excellent show!  Students made the
costumes and did a great job in this production.Don't miss it!



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