[BHS Etree] ADMIN: Instructions for AP/IB Students/Proctors

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Mon May 3 09:56:35 PDT 2010

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1. AP STUDENTS: Report to the testing venue at 7:30 for morning tests and noon for afternoon tests.  AP proctors should report at 7:20 and 11:45.

2. IB STUDENTS: Report to the testing venue at 8:15 and noon.  IB proctors should report at 8 and 11:45.

3. STUDENT ID: ALL students should bring a picture ID.

4. WHAT TO BRING: Some of the venues are chilly, everyone should bring a jacket or sweater.  No electronic gear is allowed: cell phones, earphones, computers, etc. (note, I am not sure about calculators for the Math exams, please ask your teacher). 

5. TEST LOCATIONS: I have in hand the list of venues.  I will send it out on the etree tonight.  But for tomorrow, the AP Computer Science will be in the Community Theater East Gallery; the AP Spanish Language test will be on the 2nd floor of the Community Theater (entrance via the front doors);  IB English will be in the Donahue Gym; AP Statistics will be in the Donahue Gym.

6. PARKING: I have parking passes for this week ONLY.  There are no parking passes for next week.  Or the following weeks.  If you want a pass this week, please park near the football field and then come find me.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be in Front of the Community Theater from 7:15 to 7:50.  I will be at the Donahue Gym from 7:50 to 8:15 and then again at 11:30 to noon.  Next week construction will start on the new field house.  Berkeley High is losing 150 teacher spots.  Towing will be serious as it is this week for those without a pass. Janet


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