[BHS Etree] PARENT RESOURCE CENTER: Donations Needed for Appreciation Dinner

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Tue Apr 27 19:55:15 PDT 2010

Do not reply to this email, please contact Irma Parker at
[mailto:irma_parker at berkeley.k12.ca.us]

Dear BHS Parents, 

We would like to thank you all for your generous responses to our request
for contributions toward the BHS Appreciation Dinner and Program.  More
assistance is still needed! Please consider a donation and drop off a check
made out to the BHS Parent Resource Center. There is a donation box located
in the Parent Resource Center, Room D-224 upstairs in the main
Administration Building. I will let the BHS community know when we have
reached the goal of $3000.00 to prepare meals for 250-300 people. Thank you
all so far for your kindness and generosity.

Irma Parker and Leticia Amescuz

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