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BHS BSEP Meeting Agenda
DATE:       Monday, May 3, 2010
LOCATION:   BHS D-Bldg. (Administration Bldg.) Conference Room
TIME:       4:30-6:45 PM
Co-Chairs:  Allen King  allenk at mindspring.com
            Antonio Magaña  soymagana at yahoo.com


Public Comment
Chair Report
Action Item - Open BSEP Enrichment Budget for 2011 for reconsideration
Discussion - 2011 BSEP Enrichment Budget
Action Item - Vote on budget
Rubric Subcommittee Report and discussion
Action Item - Vote on revised rubric
Outreach Committee report

The public is welcome to attend all BHS BSEP committee meetings. The budget that this committee develops each year uses the discretionary site funds that are allocated to each school site as outlined in Measure A to fund "Programs to Enhance Student Learning." The relevant section from Measure A is copied at the end of this announcement. You may read the entire measure at this website:


The purpose of the BSEP Site Committee is "to develop a budget to allocate BSEP/Measure A School Site Discretionary Funds for the personnel, services and materials required to deliver effective activities leading to improved student performance as outlined in the Single Plan for Student Achievement." The committee expects to have over $700,000 available to allocate to site enrichment programs for the coming school year. Contact either of the co-chairs if you are interested in becoming a member of the BSEP committee next term.

For more information, contact Allen King, Co-chair. allenk at mindspring.com

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