[BHS Etree] FUNDRAISING: BAF Golf Tournament Flyer/Application

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Fri Mar 12 22:15:52 PST 2010

Do not reply to this e-mail, please contact Manish Doshi [mailto:manish_baf at comcast.net]

Please find attached BAF's flyer for our largest fundraiser - our golf tournament.
Please forward to your friends and family members - as well as to your child's BHS athletic team e-trees.
We need golfers, volunteers and donations for the raffle.  BAF granted close to $30K to various athletic programs so far this year - we will request that these programs help us by sending us volunteers and golfers.
We did a mailing to all the golfers from last year early this week - but are always looking for additional golfers and volunteers.
100% of all proceeds from this golf tournament go directly to Berkeley High School Athletics and to our kids
Thank you all for your help in promoting and advertising the BAF golf tournament.

Manish Doshi
Berkeley Athletic Fund Coordinator
manish_baf at comcast.net

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