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Sat Feb 6 09:04:02 PST 2010

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The next Berkeley High School Governance Council meeting will take place on
Tuesday, February 9th from 
4:15 - 6:15pm in the Community Theater Lobby.  

Below is the agenda for the meeting.

Ten minutes are set aside at the beginning of the meeting for members of
the BHS community to give comments to the School Governance Council.  If
time runs out, people can submit further comments and questions in writing
to the SGC Chair or Recorder.

Beginning Business Items - 5 minutes	
.	SGC Members sign in			 		
.	Approve minutes from last meeting
.	Establish a Quorum
.	Process Observer
.	Roberts Rules of Order
.	Process Observer Signup
.	Working Agreements

Comments from members of the BHS Community - 10 minutes 	

BSEP Committee - 25 minutes		

SSC Members	- 3 minutes

Proposed Change to SGC Bylaws - 5 minutes			
Section 6. Decisions of the School Governance Council.

If consensus cannot be reached, the issue will be raised again at the next
meeting only if the majority of members (51%) vote to do so, taking into
account the timeliness of the decision. If a decision is deemed necessary to
be made before the next meeting, a vote will be taken at the first meeting
in which an item needing a decision is presented.

If timeliness is not an issue, the issue will be raised again at the next
meeting with an attempt to reach consensus. If a decision is still not
reached at the second meeting, a vote will be taken.

New Course Approval - 15 minutes	

Stretch - 5 minutes

Identifying 2020 Priorities - 25 minutes

Principal's Update - 15 minutes

School Staff Membership on SGC - 10 minutes

Process Observer - 2 minutes	

End of Meeting

Please contact Richard Ng at 510-644-4803 or via e-mail at
richard_ng at berkeley.k12.ca.us if you have any questions.

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