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See Berkeley High's Winter Concerts, Afro Haitian Dance, great theater from Berkeley High and the BHS Annual Holiday Dinner for the Homeless. Our students have incredible talent. Take a little time and enjoy a few of these 10 minute videos. Still to come is BHS Chorus & Chorus Club Winter Concert 2009.

Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer
Berkeley Unified School District

Berkeley High School Jazz Lab Bands Winter Concert on December 11, 2009 featured Lab Band Two. This series of YouTube videos shares Lab Band Two and Combo 'A', otherwise known as the Hip Cats. Berkeley High's jazz program is under the direction of Scott Dailey.

BHS Jazz Lab Band Two Winter Concert 2009 "Blue Blossom":

BHS Jazz Lab Band Two Winter Concert 2009 "Nardis":

BHS Jazz Lab Band Two Winter Concert 2009 "Ladybird":

BHS Jazz Lab Band Two Winter Concert 2009 "Seven Steps":

BHS Jazz Lab Band Two Winter Concert 2009 "Well You Needn’t":

Berkeley High Schools Student Leaders continued their long tradition of providing a Holiday Dinner for the Homeless on December 12th, 2009 when over 200 student volunteers cooked the meal and served the hundreds of guests who began lining up early. This video is a brief look at the day. The student musicians were joined by BHS teacher (and bass player) Scott Wilson.

BUSD Public Information Dec 2009 Part Two:

Berkeley High School's Shift Theater's fall play "Comic Potential" was hilarious. This is just a sampler from the show. Watch for the complete performance on Berkeley Community Media Channel 33 (DVD's are available for the performers). Drama teacher Jordon Winer adds a surprise ending that is included in this sampler.

BHS Comic Sampler:

Bonus: Two new Samplers from Double Digits the Musical, written and produced by BHS students last spring. These are worth watching.

Double Digits Scenes from Finale:
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cjGPI-mzOw]

Double Digits Brain & Oh No:

The Berkeley High School Concert Band & Orchestra Winter Concert 2009 under the direction of Karen Wells was a wonderful performance, and the Silent Auction raised $4,400! They need to raise money for a performance at Disneyland, and they will take any support they can get. This sampler is The Concert Band. These samplers share the Concert Band and the Concert Band & Orchestra with a special appearance by the BHS Concert Band & Orchestra Support Team Dancers.

BHS Concert Band Winter Concert 2009 Sampler:

BHS Concert Band & Orchestra Winter Concert 2009 Sampler 2a:

BHS Concert Band & Orchestra Winter Concert 2009 Sampler 2b:

Berkeley High School's Winter Afro Haitian Dance Production this year celebrates the 40th Year anniversary of Berkeley's African American Studies Department. This year the celebration included Modern Dance and a guest performance. Enjoy the work of dance teachers Naomi Washington, Linda Carr and Alicia Zakon and all of these students in these eleven YouTube Samplers.

Sampler One:

Sampler Two:

Sampler Three:

Sampler Four:

Sampler Five:

Sampler Six:

Sampler Seven:

Sampler Eight:

Sampler Nine:

Sampler Ten:

Sampler Finale:

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