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Wed Oct 7 19:37:42 PDT 2009

Contact - Chris Young, Director of Student Activities - 510.644.8990

The schoolwide student leadership program is growing to more fully represent
and empower students on decision-making bodies, improve student culture, and
expand their capacity to serve the school and greater community.  We need
artists, altruistic types, webmasters, speakers of languages other than
English, Obama or Hillary wannabes, photographers, movers, shakers or a
talented student who can use the invigoration of working with a dynamic

To be a part of this special program means your student will get direct
instruction and challenges on leadership skills development, opportunities
to attend leadership conferences and retreats, but also be asked to make a
significant time commitment (about equivalent or a little less than playing
a sport).  Of course it is also a great resume builder.  

Student are encouraged to pick up an application the Leadership Office,
D148.  They are due on October 23.  This application includes descriptions
of all the positions currently open listed below.  Other positions including
representatives of the various SLCs and programs and a student council of
judges that will practice constitutional review will be open later.  


Chief of Service
Chief of Social Activities

COMMISSIONS (Commissioner of . . . )
Clubs and Organizations
Alumni and Staff Relations
Multicultural Affairs
Environmental Sustainability
Arts and Athletics
	Artist (2)
	Public Information Officer
	Electronics and Internet Technician

*One of the members of the Publicity Commission will be on the cabinet as
chief of publicity.  

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