[BHS etree] SCRIP: Buy Scrip at the PTSA meeting Tues. night, 9/22

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Sun Sep 20 19:18:51 PDT 2009

Please do not contact the e-tree; contact Linda Safarik-Tong [mailto:bhs_scrip at yahoo.com]

Buy scrip at the PTSA meeting Tuesday night and support BHS at no cost to you!
"Scrip" is an opportunity to support the high school by changing how you pay for your purchases at specific merchants. The Development Group purchases coupons in bulk at a discount. We sell the coupons to you at face value and earn money in the process. There is no additional cost to you when you use scrip. The BHSDG sells scrip for Berkeley Bowl, Natural Grocery Company, Peet's, Five Star Video, and the Solano Avenue Association.   
*Berkeley Bowl scrip comes in $20 denominations and we earn 4%
*Natural Grocery Co. comes in $10's and we earn 6%
*Peet's cards come in $20 and $50 denominations and we make 10%.  These are electronic cards that can be spent down gradually
*Five Star Video comes in $20 denominations and we get 20%
*Solano Avenue  scrip comes in $10 denominations and BHS gets 8%  
For a list of participating merchants that accept Solano Ave certificates, go to www.solanoavenue.org. There are about 50 businesses on or near Solano Ave that participate in this program.

Remember, there is no extra charge for using scrip...the money BHS earns from scrip comes from the merchants! If you frequent any of the stores above, please give scrip a try!
Stop by the table Tuesday evening for more information or contact bhs_scrip at yahoo.com

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