[BHS etree] MISC: BHS Wearables - PJ Bottoms and Cushions are In!

bhs at idiom.com bhs at idiom.com
Mon Jun 8 19:07:59 PDT 2009

Contact: Diane Douglas <mailto:diane at profacto.com> or Sarah Martiniak
<mailto:smartiniak at comcast.net>

We have recently re-stocked the PJ bottoms, so if you have been waiting to
buy, now is the time.  Black sweatpants in all sizes will be back in stock
VERY soon.

Come pick up your $5 seat cushion in advance of graduation or for those
upcoming summer sports games.  

Please contact the wearables sales coordinators to arrange a time for your
purchases.  Remember, all proceeds benefit the Berkeley Athletic Fund!

Thank you,

Sarah Martiniak
smartiniak at comcast.net
Diane Douglas
diane at profacto.com

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