[BHS etree] PTSA: Special School Board Meeting Tonight

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Wed Nov 19 05:03:49 PST 2008

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Tonight, Wednesday, November 19th, the BUSD School Board will be 
holding a special meeting to go over two topics that may be of 
interest to many of you.  The first topic is the Report on the 20/20 
Vision for Berkeley's Children and Youth.  The second is the Report 
On Smaller Learning Communities Grant at Berkeley High School.  The 
20/20 Vision is the result of a city/district/community coalition 
that has been forged by United In Action (itself a coalition of 
parents and childcare professionals) to help guide the entire 
Berkeley community to commit to a city with no proficiency 
differences in our children's academic performance by the year 2020. 
The second agenda item will include reports on the proposed 
advisories and block schedule for Berkeley High.  For those who would 
like to attend, the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM in the council 
chambers in the District Offices at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

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