[BHS etree] PTSA: Contact Info For October

bhs at idiom.com bhs at idiom.com
Wed Oct 1 22:35:34 PDT 2008

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to the etree, contact Mark van Krieken
[mailto:markvk4 at comcast.net] 

Dear parents, guardians and BHS staff,

I just want to inform everyone that I will be out of town for the
month of October and to please contact BHS PTSA vice-presidents Joan
Kotun (zkoenig at comcast.net <mailto:zkoenig at comcast.net> ) and Sonia
Carriedo (mis2reinas at yahoo.com <mailto:mis2reinas at yahoo.com> ) if
there is anything you need from the PTSA during that time.  They are
two wonderful parents, already involved in the school in a variety of
ways, and should be able to help should you need it.  In the meantime,
have a great month!


Mark van Krieken
BHS PTSA President

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