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PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to the etree, contact Mark Coplan, BUSD Public
Information Officer [mailto:Mark_Coplan at berkeley.k12.ca.us]

I am forwarding this email from EdVoice, so that you are informed
about California's budget crisis and can have a voice and support
California's public schools. EdVoice includes a link for a letter that
you can quickly send off to your Assemblymember. We will be sending
out regular updates on the state's budget situation, and calling on
your support for not just the Berkeley classrooms, but for all of
California's public schools.

Mark Coplan, BUSD Public Information Officer
This from EdVoice:
Last week, the Governor proposed a budget that cuts funding for public
schools by $4.8 billion. Use the link below to send a letter to your
Assemblymember to oppose these reductions.
On the same day the Governor released his budget, a major national
study gave California a D+ in school funding.  And that was before
this new round of cuts.
It's clearly going to be a tough budget year, but we all know our
schools are already underfunded.  The latest Education Week report
ranked California 46th in the nation in per-pupil funding, nearly
$2000 below the national average.
Use this link to send a letter to let your Assemblymember know that
budget cuts for schools shortchange our children and compromise our
 (Note: You will need to copy and paste this link into your browser.)

Forward this email to friends and ask them to get involved - we need
to make it clear that we're united behind our schools.
Thank you for taking the time to make a difference for our children.
Christopher Cabaldon, President

Sample Letter:
Subject Line: Take a stand for schools in the budget
Dear [Your Assemblymember's Name Here],
California schools cannot afford the Governor's proposed budget cuts.
Our public schools are already funded well below the national average,
any reduction will leave our students even further behind.
Research shows that our schools need high quality teachers,
administrators, updated facilities and textbooks.  Making cuts to an
already underfunded system is not going to help.  
2008 was supposed to be the year of education reform.  I encourage you
to be a champion of our schools and build upon the commitment to
education expressed by the Legislature last year.
[Your Name Here]


Mark A. Coplan
Public Information Officer, BUSD
Mark_Coplan at berkeley.k12.ca.us
Berkeley Unified School District
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, Ca 94704-1180

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